Our partnership network is of at most importance to us and we place high emphasis on quality relations with our partners. We therefore, aim at adapting to the greatest possible extent to our partners’ needs and business models at the same time assuring our maximum support. We can offer different cooperation possibilities from regional representation rights on an exclusive and non exclusive basis to all sorts of online packages.

Please send us an email to info@freestyler.net with your company portfolio, describe your vision and business model and we will get back to you to schedule an introductory meeting. For our basic online package please visit our Representative section

Distributor support

In case you’d be interested in regional exclusive representation which requires certain sales targets commitment but on the other side brings greater margins we enable a state of the art online distribution platform in your own language with all the necessary localization and market adaptation in the form of  a complete copy of the Freestyler online system as seen on our webpage www.freestyler.net.

The support we offer to our distributors:
– your own Freestyler webpage and webstore with your contacts and links on our or your own domain
– representative profile access for the tracking of your earnings
– cutting edge marketing tools & materials to help you with promotion
– ongoing education and marketing support
– complete logistic support (possibility of drop-shipping or your own stock keeping depending on your business model)

Complete copy of the Freestyler online system

Learn below about the amazing possibilities our distribution network offers. Here are installation and setup features of the online distribution platform, the Freestyler Network. Copy of the Network  in the language of the region will be installed by our company IT department and includes the following content and features:

1) Division page
2) Sales funnels for targeted marketing
3) Informative subpages (About Freestyler, Programs, Testimonials, Scientific background, Education, News etc.)

1) Six video centers with exercise & programs videos (each Freestyler application has its own video center with a structure that best applies to clear searching for a particular application)
– Video center for ladies
– Video center for strength and conditioning
– Video center for pilates
– Video center for group fitness
– Video center for dance
– Video center for rehabilitation

2) Video center profile that enables:
– tracking of programs (favorites, ongoing, suggested)
– possibility of personalization, nutrition report, fitness assessment

The system enables you to know your client base so you can better target your communication. The system has high upgrading potential. Videos are hosted on the Freestyler owned YouTube account with embedded links.

1) Online academy page with materials included:
– Education manual
– Intensive bootcamp manual
– Online test with automatic grading

2) Inhouse education page
List of education specialists with their contacts

1) System of replicating personalized websites with integrated webstores

2) Onpage Facebook sign up form
(affiliates can sign up with one single step over Facebook account making it very user friendly)

3) Representative profile including sections:
– Your Freestyler page links
– Your contacts
– Your sales
– Your payout method
– Access to Marketing center with materials like banners, brochures, business cards, posters, pop ups, manuals, articles, photos etc.
– Sharing options via email and social media
– Banner system which enables simple generation of banners for facilitated placement on websites

4) Tracking back end that enables:
– tracking of affiliates
– tracking of other data like their country, banners created, banners placed, financial status, payments made, people that bought in their shop with a possibility of manual changing of the default commission level

1) Webstore with relevant products categories connected to your bank account
2) installation of a payment module (payment gateway) decided by you – all connected with the affiliate system

CMS SYSTEM in English language
– content administration
– shop administration
– orders overview
– partners and affiliate system overview (Representatives, Video center members)

– Social Media website integration
– Share this tools (integrated viral tools into every segment of the webpage)

Terms of the proposal

Your company has the right to use the Freestyler domain and the Freestyler network “country” for the continuance of the agreement. The legal aspects would all be addressed in a separate document.

Proposal includes:
– the copy as listed above
– translation insertion (based on the translation you provide)

Upgrades: when an upgrade occurs we present it to you with a proposal regarding the price – you can then decide whether to implement the upgrade or not. The Freestyler Network copy can be used for the sale of other equipment but Functional Dynamics Inc products only if explicitly agreed with the Principal for each case separately in line with the conditions as set for that particular product.

What would your company need to provide:
– Translation of the content
– Localization materials (testimonials, pictures etc)
– shipping quotes table
– a payment gateway solution to be connected
– end pricing for each product on the list
– documents like Terms of use, Affiliate agreement, Privacy Policy (documents already existing in the existing version so this applies only if you would require any modifications)
– company data to be included
– default commission value (for the affiliate system – not relevant at this point)
– data on social media to be integrated
– description of tax rules
– list of education specialists with their contacts (if existing)
– other potential localization matters


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